Developing Your Facilitation Skills

I’ve been talking to a number of Scrum Masters recently, specifically about their retrospectives.  They don’t know how to handle the group dynamics comfortably or how to design a fun yet productive meeting or how to deal with the issue that no one wants to bring up.  And as I talk with them about ways to address these, I remember my own path as a Scrum Master and how I grew my facilitation skills: I had experience facilitating meetings from college, I took training workshops after I graduated, and I read and applied what I read intently for each retrospective over a couple of months.  Planning and executing retrospectives became part of my craft, and I am thankful that I learned it because it has paid off tremendously in helping teams and Scrum Masters get better.

If you want to develop your facilitation skills, the Agile Coaching Institute is offering its Agile Facilitator class in Dallas on November 12-13.  It’s a wonderful course that provides techniques and practice–I attended it last year and came away with some new ideas on how to plan meetings that has been really beneficial!  For more information about the course, please visit the Agile Coaching Institute website.


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