February Dallas Recap: Discover the Power of Pair Testing

In February, we were fortunate to have DFW Scrummer Pradeepa Narayanaswamy present at our Dallas meeting. Agile teams are expected to deliver high quality product, and team members become more cross-functional and take ownership of quality. To address scarce testing talents within a team and an effective way to become more cross-functional, team members can pair up on testing efforts to ensure the shared eye on quality and learning.

Pradeepa talked about several pairing options and opportunities between various specialties in an agile team:

  • A programmer and a tester pairing can lead to clearer unit test names in plain English
  • Two testers pairing can lead to more comprehensive tests
  • A Product Owner and a tester pairing can lead to better acceptance criteria on product backlog items
  • A tester and operations pairing in a DevOps context can lead to better sanity tests/release testing for a smoother deployment
  • A UX person and a tester pairing can lead to better design of non-happy path scenarios

That’s a lot of greatness that can come from having a tester pair with someone! Each pairing greatly supports providing faster feedback and producing high quality product as a team. And to get started, Pradeepa shared a couple of tips:

DFW Scrum February


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