October Dallas Recap: Don’t DO Agile…

2014-10-21 19.07.27We kicked off the fourth quarter in Dallas with an entertaining and enlightening presentation by Bob Schatz on “being” agile rather than “doing” agile. Bob is a long-time Certified Scrum Trainer, and his passion for creating motivated teams was clear. Applying agile practices won’t automagically make your projects successful or your customers happier, but being more agile by using improved techniques can make a big difference. The truth is you have to have the right people on your teams, and expectations of employees have changed. Gone are the days of wanting people to do only as they are told; we want employees who will treat work as a practice. We want professionals who practice with purpose. Being professional is not the same as being obedient. We need people who will seek new ideas and not just answers.

2014-10-21 19.07.12

We want to create a winning culture that motivates people for better and create empathy for customers. Let’s design the organization to deliver and satisfy the customer. When do you want to find out customers don’t want your software? Find out earlier. We want to focus on quality in everything we do, which means always looking for a better way. By changing our mindsets to be more agile, we can deliver better.


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