Agile Jeopardy–Not as Easy as You’d Think

Last month we played Agile Jeopardy, and the questions and answers related directly to the Agile Manifesto. Four values and twelve principles—how bad could it be? Turns out most people don’t have them memorized, and our teams had a rough time.

Should we know the Agile Manifesto by heart? Quote it in the office? Recite it when we wake up and before we go to bed each day? Unless you’re playing Agile Jeopardy on a frequent basis with me as the judge, you probably don’t need to go to such extremes. But there is tremendous value in reviewing the Agile Manifesto periodically (a couple of times a year) and revisiting the significance of the values and principles. What does each piece contribute? What if it were written differently? Just how agile is your team?

I worry sometimes as an organizer that I’m not doing enough to serve the community’s needs, and I feared that our game of Agile Jeopardy might have been too much for some folks. Games bring out competition, and our teams were struggling to respond with just the right answer. Thankfully our teams took it in stride, and Chris Murman even wrote his own blog post on what he learned from the evening’s activity. We all need a good reminder now and then of “the basics.”


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