Learning to be a better Facilitator and Coach

Transitioning to agile requires people to work differently and making the transition to become a great Scrum Master or Agile Coach can be difficult.  Attending a Scrum Master class is the beginning of the journey for many.  For those who wish to further their journey and deepen their skills, the Agile Coaching Institute offers intermediate level classes.
I am SUPER-EXCITED to share that Lyssa Adkins and Michael Spayd from the Agile Coaching Institute will be coming to Dallas the week of June 9th offering two of their classes: the 2-day Agile Facilitator and the 3-day Coaching Agile Teams.  You can sign up for one class or both, and registration is online at http://www.agilecoachinginstitute.com/class-schedule/ 
This is an incredible learning opportunity for agile practitioners, and I look forward to attending the classes myself.  The Agile Coaching Institute does offer certifications, which are explained in this video:

About the Agile Facilitator class:
The Agile Facilitator is for experienced Agilists who wish to dramatically increase their facilitation skills in general, especially as applied to Agile ceremonies, collaborative events and other team “moments of truth.” The workshop will focus on professional facilitation skills and techniques as applied specifically within the Agile context.  While mastering facilitation skills in the Agile context will require both time and practice, our class will allow you to:
  • Gain an in-depth and practical understanding of a wide array of techniques practiced by professional facilitators.
  • Understand and practice the art of collaborative meeting design, including the importance of smart preparation that will reduce overall cost and increase the effectiveness of your meetings.
  • Practice techniques for skillfully facilitating core Agile meetings and ceremonies with playfulness and a collaborative spirit, while still focused on key deliverables.
  • Gain rich, well-delivered feedback on your growing facilitation skills
  • Give you ideas for designing meetings in which the team interacts with the team so they can do the heavy-lifting.
  • Understand how to address some of the dysfunctional behaviors you see preventing your team from achieving maximum success.
  • Learn how to define, discuss, and ACHIEVE consensus with the team for faster and better decision making.
  • Come away with your own facilitator self-development plan.
About the Coaching Agile Teams class:
Coaching Agile Teams is for experienced Agilists who wish to dramatically increase their overall agile coaching skills, including in the areas of Teaching, Mentoring, Facilitation, and Professional Coaching. Further, the class covers basics of team dynamics, team startup/reset, the individual change cycle, helping people through agile role transitions, and working with team conflict. The course is highly interactive and experiential. While mastering agile coaching skills will require both time and practice, our class will allow you to:
  • Understand and utilize the four key Skill Areas and four Knowledge Areas applied by the best agile coaches (ACI’s Agile Coaching Competency Framework)
  • Practice techniques for deep listening and asking essential, powerful questions.
  • Practice the distinction between coaching and mentoring and know when to apply each most successfully.
  • Observe a live, professional coaching demo on a situation in the agile context.
  • Understand how to address some of the dysfunctional approaches to conflict  team’s sometimes develop.
  • Understand a model for human change and a method for working with such change
  • You’ll walk away from the course with your personal coaching improvement backlog – a tangible plan you can use to thoughtfully improve your coaching when you’re back on the job.

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