End of Year Meeting

Well, the end of the year is fast approaching. At DFW Scrum we normally strive to have our meetings the 3rd TUE of each month, but for November, that will not pan out. Gary and I were talking about other alternatives given I was not able to secure our 4th quarter speaker. We will definitely have a meeting before the end of the year and before the Holidays. We would usually skip DEC anyway given that most people’s schedules are crazy by that time, but if we have to do early DEC that could work.

We are thinking of having a BYOT night (Bring Your Own Topic). We will work on the logistics of actually discussing a topic, but we first need ideas. I have a place holder for the event on the MeetUp site, simply add that you will be going and place a comment regarding the topic you would like to bring. We can make a social event out of it as well as we gear up for next year. I am already working on our 1st 2012 speakers and hope it will be another great year for us.

Thank you all who make the group what it is, your participation is vital and we appreciate it more than words could express.


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