You Win Some, You Lose Some

I can not describe the disappointment I feel for our DFW Scrum User Group after last night’s presentation. I feel I owe each and every one of you a full apology. So for those who prefer brevity, I (Lance Dacy) take full responsibility for the poor presenter selection from last night and will ensure I learn and adapt my booking process as such to ensure we prevent a repeat. Feel free to contact me directly (lance.dacy(at) if you would like to send any more feedback.

Our group has always tried to find ways to appeal to Developers. Our group focuses on Scrum; which has the roles of Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Developer(s). So we try to ensure we balance topics throughout the year. July of last year, it dawned on us that we need more Developer representation given they really are the secret sauce to any high performing Scrum team. So we enlisted Ron Jeffries to speak; which attracted the core Developer crowd that we see now. We followed that up with Kent Beck and Martin Fowler. Those are the minds behind the craftsman movement that we need to see more of in our own teams and we want to provide an outlet for Developers to explore that mindset and those principals.

Our presenter last night had been in contact with me for several months asking to present to our group. I finally asked him what value he thought he could bring, he stated TDD and DRY. I asked him to put together a short synopsis on what he would discuss, I then researched the various conferences and user groups he had spoken at previously. In my short investigation, I did not see any flags to deter our decision. Keep in mind that we really want more topics generated from our own group (it doesn’t always have to be a consultant or expert). So we decided to take the risk.

For the Developers, I apologize and will strive to provide better content in the future, you are very important to our group and we will learn how to find better engineers to represent the ideals and principals of Agile Software Development. I am striving to get Michael Feathers for our November meeting or perhaps early next quarter.

So there you have it, I learned a big lesson last night at the expense of your valuable time, and for that I apologize. I really want more and more people to have the opportunity to bring topics to our group FROM our group. So we will continue to learn how to navigate that process. Thanks again for listening, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Our next MeetUp will be posted once I have the topic nailed down. Thanks again to Improving Enterprises for always being there to support our monthly meetings with food, beverage, and space.


One thought on “You Win Some, You Lose Some

  1. Hang in there, Lance. You’ve been doing a great job keeping the group energized for years. Even though I haven’t been in the area in a long time, I really like seeing everything you’ve got going on each month. Best, Jason

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