CSM Training in Dallas

I think that our group is a great place to get distilled information on upcoming training for Scrum in DFW. While we may not know all of the training that takes place here, it can be daunting for anyone to find a single place for training opportunities. There are a great network of Scrum Trainers who we have experience with, can recommend, and love to support. They also assist DFW Scrum by providing free seats to our group, which is a really awesome way to kick-start any Scrum training.

In September, Jim Schiel of Artisan Software Consulting will be conducting a CSM class September 26-27th in Irving. Fellowship Technologies has offered to host the event to ensure Jim can provide the training at a great cost coupled with the great experience that Jim brings to the Scrum. Jim was actually my trainer for CSM back in 2008, I still have the notebook where I took notes and his class is still one of the best I have seen for learning Scrum and becoming a great Scrum Master.

Jim is a Certified Scrum Trainer with a strong background in enterprise level Scrum installations and agile development in a regulated environment. He worked at Siemens Health Services for 23 years, where he worked initially as a developer, then as a manager for 16 years, eventually playing a leading role in creating one of the largest Scrum software development implementations in the world. Starting in 2005, Jim pioneered the use of Scrum with his development teams and, as the practice began to spread, took on a coaching role, planning and executing the implementation of Scrum and XP practices across six products, seven development sites, and over 1,200 developers. As a business process engineer at Siemens, he helped identify, document, and implement best practices for the software development that maintained the organization’s ISO-9001 certification and satisfied FDA medical device requirements.

Jim is a “first-generation” Certified Scrum Trainer and has been training Scrum Masters since 2005. He received his initial Scrum Master certification from one of the co-founders of the Scrum method and was also certified as a trainer by the same individual. Jim has taught and coached over 1,000 Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Scrum Teams from California to Finland since receiving his certification.

Jim is also the author of Enterprise-Scale Agile Software Development, a book that can help many of our larger companies learn to scale Scrum to the enterprise level.

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