Unbelievable Learning Opportunity in Dallas, TX

Did you know that Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson are coming to Dallas, TX on November 8-12 to teach YOU courses on how to be a great Scrum Master and/or a great Agile Developer. As you know, Scrum does not prescribe the engineering practices that you use, it simply states that you must have a good enough one to deliver the high quality DONE software in the iterative / value driven manner in which Scrum demands.

As I said at our meeting on TUE, we have many great trainers in the industry, but given my few encounters with Ron and Chet, I must say that their course is a MUST for those searching for training on Scrum Master and/or Agile Engineering. Not only are Ron and Chet deeply rooted in the Agile principals, Ron was an original author of the Agile Manifesto and both were on the ground level of developing XP. So in my opinion, their class will be delivering value straight from the “horse’s mouth”.

Ron and Chet have a great personality (translated in that they are fun and brilliant at the same time) and strive to make the lives of Developers and Scrum Masters much better. Learn the techniques they use that have been proven over their vast experiences. I recommend you sign-up as soon as possible, I would be shocked if their events did sell out. They are even providing a 10% discount to the folks reading this post.

Register here (using AGILE2010 promo code for 10% off) and view their course brochure here

While they are in town, they will be swinging by our DFW Scrum User Group on TUE 11/9. More details on that event at DFW Scrum.com


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