Architecture’s Impact on Scrum Velocity

I wanted to say a quick thank you to Andrew Pham for volunteering his time to be a presenter for DFW Scrum on TUE March 16. Andrew is in the process of writing a book outlining Advice for New Scrum Teams and wanted to use our group to get feedback on his presentation.

We normally don’t have formal presenters during our monthly sessions, or if we do, it is a self-imposed situation. Hopefully, our community got the message that Andrew was trying to convey, which to me was; “You don’t have to build out the entire architecture for a project during the first few sprints, but you do want to understand the vision of the product and be thinking about that architecture as you build within sprints”. Only build what you need at the time, but of course make decisions about how you are going forward in the over-all scheme of the project.

You can download Andrew’s presentation at your leisure. He has also made himself available should you want to review his book before publishing. You can contact him at andrewpham74(at)

Thanks again for your participation and stay tuned to our DFW Scrum MeetUp Site for our April meeting details. We are striving for Dave Thomas or Kent Beck.


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