Martin Fowler and #DFWScrum Hash-tag

As you may (or may not) know, we will have Martin Fowler on-site for our February DFW Scrum Meeting. Since our meeting space is limited in nature, I want to find a way to ensure there is concise information available for those who are not able attend. As such, I think using Twitter/Blogging are great ways to disseminate that information.

At most conferences, you can rely on a simple hash-tag to condense information from Twitters. While this event is not anywhere close to a conference, I feel we can provide equally valuable information.

Anyone Tweeting about this event (before, during, and after) can use the hash-tag #DFWScrum to ensure those not able to attend can view information about our event in one place.

Please keep in mind that space is limited. I have made some initial adjustments to account for the potential no-shows, but the waiting list is the best way to ensure you will get in to the event if you are not on a confirmed registration. I am so excited that Martin is coming to Dallas and hope that the event proves valuable to those in attendance.

See you next week!


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