Reserve Your Spot for DFW Scrum and Martin Fowler

Everything is confirmed for Martin Fowler’s talk at DFW Scrum on TUE Feb 23 at 6:30PM. We are grateful to Sabre Holdings for coordinating with us and providing the space at their beautiful Southlake campus.

As you know, Martin could draw a large number of people to his events. This event is FREE and we will be providing food. While we want to be sure everyone can come, we want to minimize frustration if more people come than can be accommodated. So please make sure that you register on our MeetUp site to secure your seat and food:

(if you don’t want to receive updates about DFW Scrum after the event, you can remove yourself from our site)

We will control the final number of people that the room can accommodate on the MeetUp site and we can automatically provide a waiting list if needed. Currently, we have more than enough room based on the number of people currently registered. We look forward to seeing you there.


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