Mike Cohn’s Presentation to DFW Scrum

A special thanks to DFW’s Agilists that came to DFW Scrum on TUE 10/27 with Mike Cohn. Our topic was on Agile Estimation and we had almost  90 people in attendance. Too often we struggle with how/what to estimate. Mike did a great job of presenting the topic and answering our questions in an informal Q&A.

While this meeting started as a DFW Scrum meeting, the APLN’s Dallas Chapter reached out to us and offered to co-sponsor the event for their members as well. So thank you to Fellowship Technologies, APLN, and Improving Enterprises for helping us pick up the expenses for food, space, etc…

Several people emailed me and asked if we would be videoing the event. I did receive permission from Mike to video and post the meeting for viewing. Keep in mind that this video was very static. I did not have the chance to take really good video, but over all, I think you can see Mike, his slides, and hear the group very well. In addition, Mike’s slides are also available for download.

Our next meeting will occur on TUE 11/17 at 6:30PM at Improving Enterprises in Dallas. We have yet to settle on the topic, but feel free to get involved in the discussion and propose ideas. We will be giving away a spot in each of Mike’s classes, Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner. You must be present at our November meeting to win.

We have had several vendors ask if they can sponsor or talk to our group as well. While I did not intend for this to become an advertising train, we recognized that some of our members would like to see the products that are out there in managing Scrum projects. So we hope to have a “Vendor” session at some point and we think this might be best done over the December month and take place as a virtual meeting. This should facilitate vendors demoing their products and allow people to interact in a virtual meeting space. Thoughts?

Stayed tuned for our January meeting as well. We have requested Martin Fowler to present to our group on TUE 1/19. I think many other groups would benefit from this session, so I am reaching out to other Agilists in the DFW Community to see if they would be interested in co-sponsoring this event so that we can get as many people involved as possible (it’s a rare thing to get Martin in town, believe me). We are still gathering interests, but stay tuned to our site for registration / location information. If you want to sponsor / involve your group, please send us an email.


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