Agile Skills Project

I (Lance Dacy) have/had the great pleasure of attending the Agile Developer Skills Workshop Summit in Ann Arbor, MI hosted by Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson. The summit took place MON 10.12 through THU 10.15. The intent of the meeting was to recommend the best way to address the large gap we see in the Agile industry where developer craftsmanship is largely at the discretion of the team / individual.

We would actually like to see some model that would close that gap by assisting individuals in self assessing themselves, providing a skills inventory of learning objectives, and even perhaps a way for the community to evaluate your experiences against the required skills determined by the community. There has been much debate about developer certification and the summit intended to represent the fair and rational views of the community on this subject (more to come on that at a later date). I wanted to capture some of the momentum experienced at the summit and send a huge thank you to Ron and Chet for championing such a large project for the Agile community.

InfoQ Article describing the event

Blog by Andre Dhondt describing the 3 days in detail (great pictures and detail)

Blog by Ron Jeffries describing the event

I have started a discussion on our MeetUp site that will allow you to comment on the subject. I am interested to know what the DFW Community thinks about Agile Developer Skills.

I hope to see you on TUE 10/27 when we meet with Mike Cohn on Agile Estimation.


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