Announcements for September

Thank you to Don McGreal and Paul Holser for giving our group a great perspective on  how TDD can affect quality, productivity, and morale. They were gracious enough to provide us a soft copy of their presentation for download. Their topic really hit home to me as far as it relates to Scrum. Scrum only works if you have an equally Agile engineering practice. Craftsmanship as it were is the necessity that provides the quality required by Scrum. Scrum does not prescribe or suggest an engineering practice, it only says you have to have one.

“Are you building the right thing? Are you building the thing right?”
You should be doing both!

We are now looking forward to our September meeting. At the suggestion of a few people in our group, I have moved all of our meeting information, registration, topic discussions, etc… to We all feel this site will provide our community a more interactive environment to ensure we are meeting the needs of our “Scrummers”. In the near future, we will be converting the domain name ( to be directed to the new MeetUp site. Please feel free to register now for our September 15 meeting. We will keep this DFW Scrum Blog for the time being until we determine it is no longer needed or we find a suitable need in the future.

As you may know, we will be hosting Mike Cohn at our Fellowship Technologies location on TUE October 27 from 6:00PM-9:00PM CT. Previously, the registration for this event was located on Event Brite. We would like to move it to our new site to keep all the data in one consistent location. So, if you registered for the October event before this post, please also register on our new site.

That’s it for now. We are looking forward to having everyone registered on so that we can poll for topics or perhaps just through out some hot topics for discussion. Thank you for your help in ensuring that Dallas/Fort Worth has a great Scrum resource.


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