DFW Scrum: August

REGISTER: DFW Scrum TUE 08/18 6:30PM-8:30PM in Dallas, TX

Thank you for all of you who attended our July 21 meeting with Ron Jeffries. I want to first apologize for some of the audio problems we experienced. I will be changing the way we hold video conferences in the future (as I still think they are valuable regardless of the technical challenges).

I know we all value Ron’s responses to his questions. I only wished I would have taken down each and every question/answer so that I could provide it on this site. We had over 50 people in attendance and I believe Ron was dead-on with some of the technical issues we face in software development and how to engage re-factoring in the Agile processes.

Now, we can focus our attention to the next meeting. Per our new schedule, we will meet on TUE Aug 18 from 6:30PM-8:30PM at the Improving Enterprises Building in Dallas. Please register to ensure we have enough food. We have yet to determine the topic or format, but plan on it being a working session for us to dive into the real life situations we face while implementing Scrum. If you have any topic suggestions, please  email them to info@dfwscrum.com.

4th Quarter (October Industry Speaker Announced!)

We have some exciting news for October (our 4th quarter meeting). We will be hosting Mike Cohn on-site at Fellowship Technologies. Our normal meeting date of TUE 10/20 will slip to TUE 10/27 to meet Mike’s scheduling needs (he will be in Munich the week of 10/20). We will change the meeting time to 6:00PM-8:30PM providing us an extra 30 minutes with Mike. We really need everyone who is planning to attend to register online so that we have enough food / space for the evening. I created the registration far enough in advance for Mike to post on his site as well.

I am still taking topic suggestions for Mike’s presentation. We will most likely follow the same format as we did for Ron. Mike will present for about 30 min or so and then open it up for question/answers. Feel free to email your topic suggestions to info@dfwscrum.com. We look forward to hearing from one of the great thinkers in the Scrum/Agile community. More information to come as we get close to October.


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