DFW Scrum in July

Register Online: TUE July 21, 2009 6:30PM CT Irving, TX

In the spirit of our User Group’s request, we have a GREAT guest speaker joining us for our July session. Our group wanted to have regular monthly meetings that address hot topics facing us in Scrum, but each quarter, we host a large name keynote speaker from the industry. In our January meeting, we hosted Ken Schwaber. We have succeeded in securing another valuable keynote speaker for our July 21 meeting.

Ron Jeffries (“the man who has been developing software longer than you have been alive”) will be featured live at our DFW Scrum via video conferencing; his subject: “Excellence: The Next Step for Agile and Scrum”. Ron is a founding member of Extreme Programming and is THE thought leader (IMHO) on quality for your software development process. Ron will speak briefly on his thoughts and then will open it up for an interactive question and answer session.

A lot of times, we simply focus on the project management aspect of Scrum. However, Scrum will never be successful unless paired with an equally agile engineering practice. I have always told our teams that our velocity is not a measure of our productivity; quality software is the measure of our productivity.

After speaking to Ron at the Scrum Gathering 2009, it was apparent to me that a lot of teams do not have the essential quality practices installed in their foundation for development. I am now equally passionate in installing quality-engineering practices into our Scrum teams as I was for nailing the aspects of project management. Ron can be a valuable resource for your organization. If you are interested in contacting him to serve your teams, you may do so at Xprogramming.com.

DFW Scrum strives to serve all roles and aspects of the Scrum framework (product owners, scrum masters, developers, quality assurance, management, stakeholders, etc…) We hope that our focus this quarter on software development once again reaches all audiences and helps us come together as a collective team to do better today than we did yesterday.

Fellowship Technologies is hosting the event and will be providing the conference space and food. To make sure we have enough food, please register for the event here and send us a quick email should you register and not be able to attend.


2 thoughts on “DFW Scrum in July

  1. I know the talk with Ron was fantastic – did anyone think of getting a transcript of the presentation or recording it?
    I know all of the developers in our organization would LOVE to get some information from this. Sadly, it interfered with their ,net user group meeting. I know that at least three of them are interested in joining us…

    • Hi Harry, I was going to record the entire WebEx session, but as you recall, was having difficulty connecting to WebEx via the tele-conference and had to dail Ron’s home directly. I did not record it since the audio would not have been present (kicking myself, I know).

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