DFW Scrum Meeting: June 16

To make sure we have enough food for everyone, please make sure you register with the link below.

What: DFW Scrum User Group Meeting
When: TUE June 16 6:30PM-8:30PM CT (food provided)
Where: Dallas, TX

Cost: $ZERO (your time)

We are happy to announce the next DFW Scrum. We will holding this session on TUE June 16, 2009 at 6:30PM CT. Improving Enterprises has offered to host this event for us. After reviewing the topics that you wish to discuss and suggestions from the team meeting last month our topic will revolve around “Scrum Group Therapy”.

This will be a more informal meeting with a mixture of experience. So come with your issues or problems that faces you, your team, or your organization. We will band together and bounce ideas and suggestions around the group. We have planned to set our meeting dates to the 3rd TUE of each month to assist you in your planning efforts.

We welcome all roles (Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Scrum Team Members, and Stakeholders). So come prepared to bring your questions, issues, or barriers to Scrum. Please post any comments here on topics you would really like to see discussed and I will do my best to ensure they make it on our own topic backlog.

Given that we are sponsored by the Scrum Alliance, we have open access to their many resources to help the Scrum Community grow in Dallas/Fort Worth and will do so through transparency, collaboration, and team work. Feel free to contact us at info@dfwscrum.com should you have any questions. Follow us on Twitter as well: @dfwscrum.


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