Recap May Meeting and Topics for June Meeting

We had our meeting last night at Improving Enterprises’ Dallas office. For those of you who were not at our last meeting in April, we had everyone write down topics they wish to see discussed at our group. We then asked them to vote (via dot voting) on all of those topics.

Last night, Gary McCants (co-leader of DFW Scrum) volunteered to provide the group a presentation/interactive session on the top issues of which we voted: user story estimation, story points or ideal days, and building a release plan. I always love how organically Gary leads a session and allows perspective and context to reshape the topic.

As we move forward, we definitely want our group to be a mix of formal key note presentations from industry thought leaders and then very informal problem solving sessions that give us all a place to solve the industry wide problems seen with Scrum and its implementation.

“How would you handle this?”
“We have this unique structure, how can we fit this in?”
“When your team does this, how do you react?”
“What is the best practice for this situation?”

These are all valid questions for our group and we aim to provide a great social and interactive outlet for you to get those questions answered. We know that some topics are not for everyone, and we are OK with that. If a topic is not right for you, we would love to see you some other time or simply come to learn and share your experiences. As we begin planning our next meeting, here are the topics that were tossed out last night as well as in our April meeting. Feel free to comment and provide us some direction on what you would like to see discussed:

Documenting and implementing a Definition of Done
Hold a simple Scrum Group Therapy (circle to talk about issues at your location and people that are barriers to the process, just bring your problems and lets discuss them)
What tools are your teams using for Scrum?
How to integrate Agile into sales proposals
With user stories, how can we ensure effort is relative across stories that make up unrelated tasks?
What do PM’s do in Scrum?
Barriers to adoption
Agile metrics for improvements

Once we have finalized the location, topic, and date, we will update this site and provide a link for registration. Thanks again to all of you who came out last night, we opened up and shared our experiences.

DFW Scrum Leadership via Twitter:

Lance Dacy: @lancedacy
Gary McCants: @charlesgary
Sarah Klarich: linked in
DFW Scrum: @dfwscrum


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