Update from our April 8 DFW Scrum

Thanks to all of you who attended our April 8 DFW Scrum. We had a little over 20 people and a great presentation from Stacia Broderick (from Scrum Alliance) on “Mastering Scrum Mastering”. She did a great job putting together a presentation that we could all take back to our teams or that we could start putting into practice ourselves.

As promised, she has made the presentation available to me. You can download it here. In addition, you can go to her web site (Agile Evolution) and download other materials that she has compiled in the past related to Scrum/Agile.

At our meeting, we created a “topic board” in the spirit of Open Space Technology. We have compiled that list of topics and our DFW Scrum Leadership Team will be meeting in the near future to determine the best course of action to fill the needs of our group. We also have a note out to some of the major keynote speakers to see if they are available for our May or June meeting. Rest assured now that we have topics YOU are interested in, we can shift our focus to addressing those needs.

Please stay tuned for updates on when our next meeting will be held (we know it will be in May). Let us know if you have any questions: info@dfwscrum.com or Twitter @dfwscrum.

Here is a photo from our meeting:



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