Upcoming DFW Scrum User Group: April 8

Just a quick reminder and to get the post recycled to the top of this blog, our DFW Scrum User Group is meeting on WED April 8 at 6:30PM-8:30PM CT.

We welcome all roles (Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Scrum Team Members, and Stakeholders). So come prepared to bring your questions, issues, or barriers to Scrum. Please post any comments here on topics you would really like to see discussed and I will do my best to ensure our featured speaker addresses them. We will also give an opportunity to get a pool of topics from the meeting so that we can plan in the future to answer the questions  YOU really care about. Please make sure you register so we have enough food.

What: DFW Scrum User Group Meeting
When: April 8 6:30PM-8:30PM CT (food provided)
Where: Irving, TX

How: Register Now
Cost: $ZERO (your time)

Given that we are sponsored by the Scrum Alliance, we have open access to their many resources to help the Scrum Community grow in Dallas/Forth worth and will do so through transparency, collaboration, and team work. Feel free to contact us at dfwscrum@gmail.com should you have any questions. Follow us on Twitter as well: @dfwscrum.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming DFW Scrum User Group: April 8

  1. Not at this very moment. I know Stacia will provide it and I have sent her a reminder, however, I also know she is onsite at a client for April 15 Tax Deadline. I will keep pressing though. Thanks for your attendance as well!

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