The “C” Word: Commit

I saw this response in a Scrum Development post in Yahoo! There were several people concerned with using the word “commit” when expressing the final negotiation to a Sprint Backlog. People are afraid the team would think of the word “commit” and then subsequently not delivering on that commitment would be abject and indicate serious failure. These people are reluctant to commit to anything without hypothetical clauses etc… I happen to agree with Ron on his stance. Here was his response to the people who did not like to use the word “commit”:

Ron Jeffries:


I wonder … do you and other people who don’t like the word
“commit” feel a commitment to:

— protecting your children;
— keeping healthy;
— preserving the environment;
— honoring your deities;
— … and other such things?

Do you, like me, sometimes fall short of those commitments? Does
that make you prefer to say “No, I’m not committed to protecting my
kids,” or to redouble your efforts to their safety?

END Quote


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