Upcoming DFWScrum!

Thank you for your patience as we try to plan and coordinate the best use of YOUR time for the DFW Scrum. I regret to announce that my goal to get a meeting completed before the end of March will not come to fruition after all. The leadership committee was thinking of some great ideas on how the next meeting will be held in lieu of not having a featured speaker, but we have other logistical issues that will force us to wait until April. To be transparent, here are the reasons we were not able to pull it off (inspect and adapt, inspect and adapt, inspect and adapt. You get the idea):

  • Spring Break: Week of 3/9 or 3/16 for most people (including myself)
  • Scrum Gathering in Orlando: Week of 3/16
  • APLN Meeting: 3/26 (did not want to step on that date in case some people wanted to come to both)
  • Conference Center: is not available for 3/24 or 3/25 (my original dates to have the meeting)

I am not going to dwell on it, we are moving forward. I have secured a speaker for the first week or two in April. once I connect with them, I will give you the REAL meeting date. For now, just plan on it being the first week of April.

We will also have a refreshing problem solving session to ensure the main goal / vision of this group is held (provide an outlet for anyone to solicit questions, ideas, or barriers they have to Scrum and get a diverse representation of ideas to the solutions).

We welcome all roles of Scrum to attend, whether you are a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Scrum Team Member, or Stakeholder, we should have material that will help you in your quest. In addition, if you just want to learn more about Scrum or explore the possibilities, we have plenty of local personalities that have seen it all and can offer some great solutions.

Again, my apologies for not pulling off a March meeting, but we will have a great April meeting and I will announce the date very soon (hopefully next week). I have the registration site ready and will post that link on the announcement of the next meeting date.


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