Upcoming Meeting…

The Scoop…

Thank you all for your patience. I am frantically trying to get everything ready for a FEB meeting and realized that it is now mid FEB and I still don’t have an answer for you. I think there is too little time to pull together a meaningful gathering with enough time for people to schedule.

This should satisfy some of you who suggested that we meet every 1-2 months with a large quarterly meeting. I am going to try that schedule out to see if it satisfies the need. Keep in mind that I do not mind just sitting in a room and troubleshooting issues / problems. So, if you have some large issues that need to be addressed this month, just email us (dfwscrum(at)gmail.com) and let me know you would be interested in some form of a round table. I will get a small meeting together and post that information.

Next Steps…

We will start planning right now for the March meeting. I will be attending the Scrum Alliance Gathering in Orlando (MAR 15) and wanted to make the DFWScrum meeting toward the end of the month so I could have some good ammo that should come from the gathering.
Stay tuned, I promise to get a March date up on the site and on the calendar with a solidified Scrum Alliance presenter.


I am excited to announce that we have some gracious people who will assist me in co-leading this group in the near future. They are Gary McCants, Sarah Klarich, and Harry Long. I am grateful for their assistance and will soon coordinate with them on the needs of the group.


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