Exciting Support from Mike Cohn!

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a great time during the holidays. I have some exciting news about our first meeting for the DFW Scrum User Group coming up on TUE January 13. We have been given the opportunity to give away some valuable training that will be delivered by Mike Cohn himself in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Mike will be delivering a Certified Scrum Master course on January 27-28 and then an Agile Estimating and Planning course on January 29.

Mike has offered to provide our user group $2,000 worth of *FREE* training by giving our group a spot in *each* course to assist in supporting our efforts here in Dallas. Make sure you attend our JAN 13 meeting for an opportunity to win one of these valuable prizes. If you are not able to attend our JAN 13th meeting to participate in the drawing, you can still register for the courses here:


In addition to the courses, Mike has provided us two of his books that we will give away:

Agile Estimating and Planning
User Stories Applied

I am truly excited and honored for Mike’s support in our new user group. I have personally attended the Certified Scrum Master training as well as read both of the books above. Mike has an enormous amount of experience and I have been successful in adopting many of the processes he shares.

If you are interested in coming to the meeting on JAN 13, email us at dfwscrum@gmail.com for details and directions.


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